Food security and Livelihoods

Jawad is a disabled head of household who was displaced last year to Afrin from a rural area west of Aleppo as a result of the increased hostilities that was sparked in December 2020.

“I was born disabled and I am using crutches since my early childhood”, Jawad says. “We were displaced during winter and we settled down in Yakhor community, where I could put up a tent in an abandoned Olive mill”, he continues.

Bahar collected residents’ and internally displaced persons’ data while doing registration for potential beneficiaries in Yakhor, and Jawad was selected due to the poor conditions he and his family are living in.

“Before receiving this food assistance, we used to eat once a day. We first tried to get bread for the day and then think about what to it with it.  We could not even afford lentil soup with bread”, Jawad describes the problems he faced trying to feed his family before receiving food assistance.

“The food basket provides a wide variety of food commodities. Therefore, it helped us secure most of our food consumption needs.  Now we spend much less on food since prices are very high and I can’t work due to my disability”, Jawad continues.

Jawad was further relieved to know that his family is going to received 8 months of regular food assistance. “Nowadays, we eat 2 meals a day instead of one meal, because we have plenty of food at home”, Jawad finishes his words, fighting back his tears.

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