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Help is Our Main Goal

Bahar is a local organization delivering support across northern Syria and in Iraq. Our work is guided by international human rights and humanitarian standards and principles to ensure that international human rights and humanitarian standards are indeed respected, implemented, and enforced at the local level. We value the different backgrounds and beliefs of all people we work with and therefore promote interfaith collaboration. As a civil society actor, Bahar realizes its mission and vision through development cooperation, humanitarian assistance, and advocacy work.

What We Do


To restore and rebuild the lives of crisis affected people through humanitarian and development assistance aiming to achieve civil justice and equality.


We work towards enhancing the resilience and wellbeing of communities by providing a principled and rights-based humanitarian response to overcome natural or man-made threats, risks and hazards.


  • Compassion – We build our interventions as a response to human despair with the purpose to alleviate pain and provide sustainable solutions for local problems. The compassion is the core of humanity and it is assumed as such by our organization since we are first humans and then humanitarians.
  • Commitment – We care for our beneficiaries. Our interventions, although developed in the frame of limited funds due to our local capacity, are aimed at providing long term impact. After project completion, we continue to seek support to operate the infrastructures established. Sometimes, as in the case of many PHC, these are the only medical facilities serving thousands of people in a large geographical area, therefore their operation is vital for the lives of people.
  • Impartiality – We respect all people we work with and for. The beneficiaries are the main motive of our programming. We represent their interests and their voice. As a local organization, we raise their message at the level of UN agencies, donors, partners, and ordinary people to understand their situation and seek to support them. When delivering the aid, we act with respect and kindness as these people already suffered enough. All of us are equal and there is no need to disrespect anyone.
  • Integrity – In our response, we are being honest to all parties involved in the intervention and we show a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values.
  • Transparency – All our actions can be easily traced and monitor. Most of our donors conduct on spot verifications to the sites of implementation and can see for themselves the impact of the spent money. Financial situations are shared with all parties and audit reports are prepared on an annual basis.
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