Bahar Stories

Social Cohesion Social Cohesion
Social Cohesion

Years of war in Syria had torn the social fabric of the country. In response, Bahar had…

Jun 21, 2023
my new school
my new school

My name is Muhammad Ismail, and I am a displaced student from the countryside of Ma'arat al-Nu'man,…

Jun 20, 2023
Not alone anymore
Food security and Livelihoods
Not alone anymore

This is the story of a Syrian woman who tragically lost her husband in the war and…

Jun 20, 2023
Back to health Nutrition
Back to health

Azima Abdulrahman Yusuf is a 45-week-old female from Jandisirs, Al hamam village, and a host community member.…

Jun 18, 2023
Cough Health

Vaccinations, limited in availability but lodged among a population where some are skeptical, perhaps others fearful.  First…

May 15, 2022
The Sound of Trucks WASH
The Sound of Trucks

Looming in the background are permanent structures, tall buildings, well, at least compared to this.  Here, rows…

May 20, 2022
Threshold Protection

It started with abuse.  Verbal, physical; and eventually the spirit withered.  The birth of a daughter was…

May 10, 2022