Bahar Organization

Bahar Integrity &
Protection Hotline (Whistleblower)

Welcome to Bahar Integrity & Protection Hotline

When to Report

The Integrity & Protection Hotline is intended to address matters of a serious nature relating to the conduct of Bahar and its employees. Any report made in good faith will be treated seriously, investigated as necessary, and addressed by the appropriate management. Bahar encourages all staff members to first speak to their manager or local human resources representative when they have concerns about a policy violation or misconduct, as this is typically the best method for addressing problems and allows the appropriate management to take action. However, in those exceptional cases where a person has been discouraged from reporting or may fear for his or her job or well-being, the Integrity & Protection Hotline is available to bypass those normal channels in a confidential manner.

What to Report

You may use this link to report allegations of misconduct by Bahar staff or agents. This should include behavior constituting:

  • Violations of law
  • Violations of Bahar policy
  • Actions perceived as unethical;
    examples of unethical behaviour include, but are not limited to:
    • Fraud
    • Endangering the health and safety of staff
    • Misuse of assets or theft
    • Questionable accounting or auditing practices
    • Harassment – general or sexual
    • Bribery, corruption, or criminal activity
    • Failure to comply with legal obligations
    • ndangering the environment
    • Suspected violations of a child protection requirement
  • Other matters which may cause financial loss to Bahar, damage its reputation, or be otherwise detrimental to its interests.
  • Trafficking in Persons. If you suspect that someone is engaged in or has been the victim of human trafficking in relation to Bahar please immediately inform your management or file a report on this Bahar Hotline.
To Make A Report

Please submit the report by filling out the below link: