>Jihad Bakira

Jihad Bakira


Jihad Bakira, 15 years old, fled from Damascus with his family; father and mother, two sisters and one special need brother. 

They live in uninhabitable and underserved house at Afrin City.

Jihad dropped out from schools to work at workshop with low wages and prolonged hours to support his father to secure their family’s needs.

Bahar’s outreach team were able to refer him to our school located in Afrin city after convincing his family to enroll and attend non-formal education class and have access to our services provided. He enrolled in 2nd level based on his evaluation.

He left his job and was keen on his school, teacher, friends, and classes. His family and teacher started to pay more attention and support him to continue his education. 

“Jihad was introverted at the beginning and did not engage with his friends (he was older than them our age). Later on, he became fun and involved in conversations with his friends and teachers, and began to show the fun side of his personality and his intelligence, which was hidden because of his shyness and introvert.

His educational level was weak compared to his peers in the same age, but with follow-up and efforts taken by family and teacher, he showed a remarkable level of understanding and became more involved in classes.

 He was transferred to a higher level based on result to the third level” His teacher said. 

After the COVID-19 outbreak, suspension all activities within school and turning to distance learning. Unfortunately, Jihad returned to his work in the morning and attends his classes in the evening. 

“I wash to go back to my school, teachers and be with my friends in our classes” Jihad Bakir

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