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Hygiene kit

Source: WASH

Published Date: Jul 1, 2020

Because of increased displacement and the urgent need of increasing hygiene in the informal camps and collective centers in both Afrin and Azaz reigns, Bahar organization works consistently on the distribution of hygiene kits to the new and old informal camps in order to increase the hygiene.

Six thousand hygiene kits which contain two tarpaulins, jerry cans, cleaning materials and aqua taps have been distributed.

Fatma Mohammad, a thirty-five years old and a mother of three children who was newly displaced from Idleb and lives in one of the camps in Afrin superb, says, “the family hygiene kit which was provided by WASH team in Bahar organization is very important for the family as all the items which the kit has are useful and reduced our expenses such as soap , shampoo and aqua taps .

Fatma added, “the promotion sessions which was provided by the WASH team on how to use the taps and the awareness given to the children in the camps were excellent to maintain public and personal hygiene “.