>Basouta PHC
Basouta PHC

Source: Afrin

Published Date: May 13, 2020

BAHAR Organization operates in Afrin city and its surroundings and provides many services to the residents of the region

Where the medical department provides health services and advice to auditors and has several medical centers for it

Basouta PHC

As the number of beneficiaries in the fourth month of the current year reached nearly, 2016 beneficiaries, including 745 beneficiaries to the internal clinic

531references to the OB/GYN and RH clinic 640 and about children within the pediatric clinic in addition to the Leishmania (dermal clinic) which reached 100 patients

The Center also provides auditors with free medicines, as the number of prescriptions dispensed throughout April reached nearly 1500 prescriptions

The center also provides many services, including assessing moderate and severe malnutrition cases for children and pregnant and lactating women, and providing advice and treatments for each case.